Yesterday ended the most luxuriously extravagant of all the fashion shows, the Paris Haute Couture spring/summer show 2015. An elite group of fashion designers presented their collections of grand and opulent pieces.  These designers and their workers are applauded for their use of traditional skills and pain-staking patience with predominantly tricky designs. Ruxx takes a moment to look at some of the highlights.

Firstly, Dior’s boots deserve a special mention. Leg-gripping patent heaven. As one would expect these weren’t just boots, most doubled as a pair of trousers. Oh to have legs that would carry off such a boot, and to have feet that would allow us to walk in them!




They are certainly a sign that Dior is moving into the modern world, perhaps stumbling in those shoes but progressing nonetheless.

The Chanel show is always tipped to be a highlight of the show, and yes the entrance of the bride into the Grand Palais with her male bridesmaids was stunning.

However, Haute Couture to us really means fantasy and so it was that the Valentino show fulfilled this. It’s about showing off outfits that belong on either the red carpet or in an art gallery, and here Valentino really is the king. Flowing material, delicately hanging from the models swished and sparkled on the catwalk.




The dresses were coupled with delicate wild flower-dappled hair giving the show a fairy tale feeling. This was all showcased in a stunningly beautiful pink draped tunnel. This is the fantasy show everyone wants to watch. It makes you feel warm and beautiful. Yes, in a Valentino dress every girl is her fantasy fairy and if you don’t dream of this you can still appreciate the work and effort that makes Valentino stand out as Haute Courture’s King.

valentino-spring-summer-2015-runway-paris-haute-couture-fash-1 (1)