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``Don't get a dog, get a furry Ruxx!``

Lily Tonico is a mother of three and lives in Teddington, London. She is a singer/songwriter and has a passion for making ice cream.

‘What first drew me to Ruxx was its design. My first Ruxx was the chocolate brown Clarice with orange patent leather trim, and I just loved it. The bag has a casual but classy look and certainly doesn’t look like your run of the mill designer bag that everyone else has. As a busy mum I need a practical bag. Ruxx provides this but also means I don’t lose my identity and style. I’m also hands free for my baby and toddler.’

Lily’s favourite feature of the Ruxx bags is the silver lining. ‘As I’m really bad at losing things the reflective lining means that I can easily find things in the bag. The key clasp is amazing for organisation, I always know where my keys are and no one can grab them.’

‘Now I have a Ruxx, I can’t go back to a normal handbag. I find it really handy for work as well as taking it to the studio, so when I’m using public transport I never have to worry, its part of me when it is on my back. I sometimes even keep it on my back when I’m singing in the studio as part of my outfit!’

Lily has recently purchased a cream Freda. She says ‘the kids love it. They treat it like a pet, saves in vet bills and the upkeep of a dog! She laughs, ‘don’t get a dog, get a furry Ruxx, when the children are small they never know the difference!’

Now I have a Ruxx, I can’t go back to a normal handbag.

``Nancy bag attracts a lot of attention.``

Anna is a full time working mum, living just outside of London. Her love of Ruxx came from her search for a bag that would be suitable for the office, but retain a high level of practicality and style. ‘The Ruxx backpack is smart but also different and not like a canvas bag. I want a bag that looks good but casual and that’s why I love the backpack because it goes with everything.’

‘I always wanted a backpack but was afraid that the ones available didn’t have style. Then I saw a Ruxx bag which was a modern take on the backpack but sophisticated and stylish. They’re also brilliantly made so you know that they will last.’ One of Anna’s first Ruxx backpacks was a large sized Lisa bag. ‘It’s a great bag for out-doorsie events, skiing and perfect for hand luggage. It gets knocked around a lot but holds up brilliantly.’

 She then went on to buy a black hair on hide (also known as pony-skin) drawstring bag. ‘I take this one to smarter events; I always wear it on my back even though it has the option of a shoulder bag. I get some great comments, all positive! I love my latest ‘Nancy’ bag as it attracts a lot of attention.’

Anna does a lot of sport. ‘I just did the moon walk and although I like a bit of luxury I am practically minded as well. I carry everything around with me, wherever I go. I love the fact that the backpack can go on my back, and that it closes immediately so I know that all my possessions are safe. This is my favourite feature of the bags, and the fact that it’s a rucksack! I now have my eye on the cream Clarice as an all round summer choice.’

I love the backpack because it goes with everything.

``Clarice was the perfect choice!``

The first thing that strikes you about Helen Covacic-Field is how much she adores her Ruxx slouch bag. ‘Its perfect’ she says. ‘The bag is practical and big enough to fit everything I need, and of course very chic. Nowadays we seem to have to carry our entire life with us, just in case we need it suddenly. I can fit my phone, iPad, make-up, everything in the bag.’ She goes on to say how much she loves that she always knows where her bag is and yet still have her hands free.

Helen first heard about Ruxx whilst searching for a present for her mother. She knew that she wanted a bag that was stylish, practical AND comfortable. ‘It was difficult to find something that ticked all those boxes. Then I discovered Ruxx. It had everything and I was drawn to the fact that I knew where the bags were made, in my hometown in Oxfordshire England.’

For her fortieth Helen herself wanted a present that was special and unique. Her mum’s positive experience with her Ruxx bag immediately made Helen want one of her own. ‘I wanted something that would work for both day and night. The black and white Clarice was the perfect choice, two colours that really complimented each other and had that “wow” factor. It goes everywhere with me, most recently to Ascot where it got loads of compliments.’

And the future? ‘When I get another Ruxx  I would love a furry one, or something brightly coloured. Or both! And Christmas is only around the corner.’

I wanted something that would work for both day and night.