Whilst visiting Pure London 2015 Ruxx was lucky enough to have an audience with No Hats creator, Wolfram Kopka. No Hats is a quirky new brand, creating high-crown bowler hats out of beaver furfelt, which can be innovatively styled into any shape the wearer wants.

no hat

Wolfram Kopka modelling the castor hat


Kopka prides himself on the quality of his hats. This is why he chose to make the hats out of beaver furfelt instead of wool furfelt. The beaver furfelt is lighter, thinner and, most importantly, more flexible and durable. The hats are meant to be handled and used extensively and simple felts would easily rip apart. The hats will return to their basic shape after each use so they can be formed into different shapes each time if the wearer wants to try out something new. You feel the quality when wearing one of the hats;  they feel  light to wear but molds to your head for a secure fit. And yes, they are a lot of fun to play around with.


Hats from the Vintage Melousine range


No Hats have a variety of styles, the classic castor being the most popular. Beanies are also available, as are 100% cashmere hats, which are not as thick as the castor but are still as warm and comfortable.  Kopka is also aware of the history of the beaver felt, in the 17th century wearing 100% beaver hats was a privilege reserved just for members of the aristocracy. These are a luxury but fun item. Their durability and design means they will be a much coveted keep-sake.  You are paying for lasting quality and the fact that no one out there is doing something like this.

No Hats range can be viewed at www.no-hats.com

The company is based in Germany, and any enquirers can be sent to info@no-hats.com