Timeless craftsmanship, skillfully handmade in England

Discover the Ruxx Heritage Range

The Heritage Range focuses on producing timeless pieces. The collection has been inspired by British 1940’s fashion. The period represents the best of Britain; a time when style expressed a feeling of community and of the changing times. The Heritage Range reflects this nostalgic feeling but, even with its vintage roots, it has been made to facilitate modern life. Therefore, the bags of the Heritage Range can hold laptops, tablets, phones, business cards and other essential documents, all fundamental for contemporary life.

All of the products are made using luxury veg-tanned leather. Veg-tanning is an artisan tradition that uses state of the art technology and antique recipes to create leather that will resist throughout time. Leather breaths and so our products are alive naturally aging over time, becoming ever more interesting without compromising on the leather’s durability. The products are timeless. Veg-tanned leathers are made using organic and natural goods and for this reason are environmentally friendly. These are products that belong to the past and future of mankind.

The Heritage Range is proud to be designed and made in England. Britain has had a fruitful history of successful brands taking over the world, all thought up and made in Britain, and Ruxx wants to continue this tradition.

‘Vintage roots with modern twists’